Saturday, February 2, 2013

3.something A.M.

It never takes so long to change someone's mood. A phrase, an act... Each has its own twist, good or bad.

And in the darkest hour of night, the mind loves to rail somewhere else - without you, or the real you. Conscious or not, it should not have to be a problem. Perhaps that is why, we are suggested better be unconscious during. Perhaps they know, or they guess you would not be able to handle it - even if it is yours to dance with.

Then, is it better to leave it that way? To let it roams through the night, revealing your wildest thoughts you never conceived you have been keeping inside? To let yourself drown in your secrets, or things you have never been sure of at any stage? Or would you rather staying in your comfort zone - to deny everything you have been covering inside?

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