Monday, August 23, 2010

the imperfection of kickoff

A hello always precedes a wave of goodbye, and a start always followed by an end. Then should I consider a hello as a start?

I object that, people.

For some reasons, in some cases, I merely do not see it as one. I do not even intend to see it as one.

A denial, then?
Perhaps. Hey, it is pretty human to play with the denial. That is exactly one thing among others that makes you feel alive.

There was no start. There is no start!
There has never been a start, and that is why, my dear, there will never be a start.
You know what is good from the absence of the beginning? There shall never be the end, my dear.
I conceive there shall only be a letdown if I persist to start and chase the butterflies.

Yes, that is my only way to avoid the pain.

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