Monday, June 28, 2010

A Private Kind of Happiness

I've been setting a track on repeat one for several days. It's Sunday by Bloc Party, and you know what, I LOVE IT SO MUCH. Gila ya, gue bisa lho ngedengerin itu berjam2 diulang2 sambil nyetir, tidur2an, nulis2.. dan gue ga bosen sama sekali. Bahkan gue senyum2 terus tiap ngedengerinnya atau bergaya2 norak gitu deh. In fact, I sing the song like.. zillion times!

Kenapa gue sangat mencintai lagu itu?
Don't even think I love the song because I'm in love! It has nothing to do with my personal feeling.. (BOONG!!! HAHAHAHA) but anyway, I should say the lyrics were beautifully written and the music was just.. suit them! Seriously, for someone whom consider herself as an unromantically romantic person, this song could speak my heart out! Okay, okay.. I have to admit that the lyrics were desperately romantic for me, but hey, I think the lyrics have a unbelievably deep meaning inside! Well, at least for me.

FYI, a friend of mine told me that he considered the song for his wedding song, and I do think that's exactly a brilliant idea! Well, I guess I should consider it for mine (someday) either. :p

When I'm with you, I'm calm
A pearl in your oyster
Head on my chest, a silent smile
A private kind of happiness
You see giant proclamations are all very well
But our love is louder than words



  1. Vira, ini Ayuuu :) aku juga suka Sunday! Itu lagi bikin mewek banget yaaah >.<

  2. Hi Kak Ayu! (I'm starting to call you Kak instead of Mba now. hehe)
    Thanks for dropping by. :)
    Yup, banget.. kalo ada cowok ngelamar aku sambil ngasih lagu itu, aku bisa kayang di tempat mungkin.. hihihi cantik banget lagunyaaa.